Day 4 started a little hectic. I'm very lucky to be staying really close to the Recurse Center and am able to walk there. Today, for some reason God knows why, I decided it was a good idea to try a new path. The plan was to stop at my favorite coffee shop (so far), even though it's not exactly in my way. Mid-way through, things were feeling kind of sketchy when I saw a men be arrested by literally 7 cops. A little scared, I returned to my original path, which almost delayed me. I still managed to arrive in time though (just a bit more tired. At the Recurse Center, I managed to transform my weather-scraper in some sort of 'web application'. I tried to understand Sinatra and even though I managed to get things working, I still haven't figured out the best way to organize my project. I guess I need to face my embarrassment and get a code review/ask Tom. Another interesting thing I attended was a Key Siging Party, hosted by Alice (a fellow recurser). I learned a bit about encrypted email and generated a key of my own.

On the sad part of the day, I've recieved bad news from Brazil. The grandmothers of 2 friends of mine aren't well and have been hospitalized. In portuguese we have a beautiful saying - Fica com Deus - which means - Stay with God - and that's what I wish them.