The first day at the Recurse Center was extremely exciting, but also very overwhelming. The environment here is just amazing. You have a lot of freedom, which can be wonderful and scary at the same time. Everybody is free to choose any project they want and work on. I, however, didn't have a particular project in mind. I came here with one goal: to get better at programming (and hopefully learn a bit of Ruby), so I don't want to build nothing specific; I just want to develop my software engineering skills.

My first project was just a little HTML scraper in ruby that fetches the temperature from a weather forecast website and presents it in fahrenheit & celsius. I've worked with a lot of HTML scrapers in the past, mostly in Java, so I wanted to see how they compare. I struggled a bit, trying to modularize the code, but managed to get it working.

On my second day, I attended a git workshop (with Tom - one of the facilitators) that was really nice. Through it, I could understand a bit better how each commit generates a hash and how the Head & Master are used. Unfortunately, I had a horrible migraine and the day wasn't so productive.

My third day was great. I attended a blog/Jekyll/Github pages workshop hosted by Ben (a fellow recurser) and managed to this blog (a-há). I'm also planing on doing another static web page with Jekyll, a portfolio for a friend. I think it's gonna be a good exercise. In order to practice ruby, I did a programming challenge, I'm trying to put them on Github as a way to motivate my self.

Slowly, ideas begin to take form.