Well, hello. This blog is intended to be a collection of records of an amazing (almost) 90 days experience. I hope I can be consistent and manage to keep it updated.

It's been five days since I've arrived in New York and only now the city starts to feel familiar. Maybe it's the daily routine of waking up, walking fast on crowded streets; maybe it's just knowing the nearest coffee shops. Being at Recurse Center is truly amazing, on my third day I already feel that I've learned so much. That being said, I'll try to document everything here, the personal & more technical stuff I learn each day.

It's been a long time since I've written a blog, hope I'm not too rusty.

Então vá embora. Vá embora do trabalho que te atormenta. Daquela relação que você sabe não vai dar certo. Vá embora “da galera” que está presente quando convém. Vá embora da casa dos teus pais. Do teu país. Da sala. Vá embora. Por minutos, por anos ou pra vida. Se ausente, nem que seja pra encontrar com você mesmo. Quanto voltar – e se voltar – vai ver as coisas de outra perspectiva, lá de cima do avião.

- Lais